Saturday, March 16, 2013

We Need Music Classes!

Today I got a precious present from Mohammad, a rap workshop leader from Dheisheh refugee camp. Together with Hisham and Diya he has given ten rap workshops to a group of teenagers in his refugee camp during the last two months. In the workshops the youth learned about rap music and wrote their own rap texts. Three new songs are the result of this training and the first song has just been recorded. So what was the present I got from Mohammad? You can read it yourself...this is exactly why I love working with MwB!

Mar7ba! [hello]
I have good news. 
One song is done from Dheisheh kids and two songs are left. 
The song is amazing with great job from the kids. I think this song is special because it talks about their needs in the school and things they need, like music classes and another way in teaching from the teachers for example without screaming and in a way to develop their talents.
you'll like it when you hear it and we hope to make some changes in the schools after this song! 

Recording their song in our recording studio in Dheisheh refugee camp, with Mohammad on the left

Thank you Mohammad and all the other rap workshop leaders for your great and important work! You are amazing role models for the kids and together with them we can make the change!

We can only continue the rap program with your help. Please visit our Bandcamp site to download a song made during our project or make a donation here. Thank you!


Rusty Kjarvik said...

I absolutely love this mix. Both tracks on bandcamp are extra stellar. Much love to Music Without Borders and Music Bus for getting the voice of Palestinian up front and centre through slick vibes and wicked beats.

I'm a musician in Canada, who plays in professional settings regularly, including for many international charity initiatives. I would love to be a part of Music WIthout Borders - Palestine. My instruments are doumbek/darbuka, frame drums, and xaphoon. I would love to collaborate in any way shape or form, if not musically then at least as an ally in the development of arts initiatives for positive change with the Palestinian people.

In 2008, I visited the West Bank. These are memories that have burned a lifelong prayer of devotion to the voice of the Palestinian people. At the very least, I am always one to lend an ear, and ever ready as an ally in the struggle through arts, creativity and love.


Fabienne said...

Dear Rusty,
Thank you for your beautiful words! We would love to get in touch with you. Could you send me your email address to
Thank you!