Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Qabalan, Aqraba and Jama'een

Check points, road blocks, body checks, passport checks, even the box of matches in the car and our wallets are turned inside out. But we know that at the end of the long road to Nablus something wonderful is waiting for us: smiling children, waiting to dance, sing and enjoy the music.

Its a pity there is not enough space for you in the car to join us in the weekly music workshops in the Nablus area.
But looking at the following pictures might help you imagine you are with us!

Yousef in Qabalan

Kindergarten in Aqraba

Khaldoun, Anas and Hisham in Aqraba


Showing a picture of "Chashaboo" (Woody)

Dancing the Chashaboo Dance

The beautiful pictures are taken by Anas from Dheisheh refugee camp.
Many thanks to CeKaTe for sponsoring the Nablus workshops.
And many thanks to the team of MwB, HLT and PMRS for their support and cooperation!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Today is one of the best days of my life!"

I've never felt this way before . Today is one of the best days in my life because its nice to achieve one of my dreams”

It's the first time for the rappers from Palestine Street to perform with a professional live band. But no one would have guessed this! They perform together as if they do this every day.
The visit of the famous Netherlands Wind Ensemble was very short, but in two days they have done more than imagined: one show in Aida refugee camp in the al-Awdah open air theater next to the wall; one show in Manger Square in front of the Nativity Church in Bethlehem and music workshops for 50 children in Ghirass Cultural Center.

All of this could only happen because of the wonderful teamwork of NBE, HLT, and MwB and the great cooperation with many youth from Aida, al-Azzeh and Dheisheh camp, the Ghirass Cultural Center, Madaa Creative Center Silwan, Valentine Music Store and the Youth Center in Aida camp.

And lets not forget the young Palestinian musicians: Mahmud, Baha' and Abdullah from Silwan playing the tablah; Hidaya and Rowan from Silwan playing the cello; Taima from Silwan playing the electrical guitar; the Hakaya Band from Bethlehem, Haytham from Azariyeh, Khaldoun from al-Azzeh camp and last but definitely not least Palestine Street from Dheisheh camp.

The two days were inspiring for all of us, exchanging musical ideas, playing together and motivating each other to continue the work.

Enough words for now...enjoy the pictures and video's!


Dancing in front of the al-Awdah stage

Palestine Street before the sound check

Sound check on al-Awdah stage

Haytham and Khaldoun singing Bint al-Shalabeyah

In Dutch (and a little bit in English and the language of music...):  
Video report of  "De Klassieken" 

One of the rap songs:
Palestine Street & NBE & Silwan kids
Article with pictures:

Article about workshop on Ma'an News:

Pictures by Holy Land Trust:

Thank you for the beautiful pictures Lilian and Ahmad!

This project could not have taken place without the generous support of the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development.