Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love&Peace for Childhood: SOS Children's Village Bethlehem

The SOS Children's Village Bethlehem provides family-based, long-term care of children who can no longer grow up with their biological families. In the Village they currently have 90 children and another 40 boys and girls living in the SOS youth houses. The village was established in 1966 (see also When the SOS children start to live independently after having finished university or a vocational training they are called SOS graduates. SOS Bethlehem's graduates have founded an association in order to keep a close link of the former SOS children to the ones that are still in the village. Furthermore this association is supposed to strengthen the SOS graduates in the society.
The recently-elected board of trustees of the Children's Village Graduates Association CVGA organized a Love & Peace for Childhood Day in Bethlehem on Sunday 13th June 2010.

"Love & Peace for Childhood is a day when we will attract the attention and concern to abandoned children, we believe that there are millions of children who do not get education, shelter, health… so on. If we succeed on that day, this day will be an anniversary that will be launch to the world from Bethlehem by Children’s Villages Graduates Association. This is why CVGA asked for you and other people for the entire world. Therefore we together have to do our best and pay hard work for that day."

Maher, Hisham and Anas gave a short music workshop during this event, in which 50 children actively participated and many others were watching.

Music workshop for Basma Society, Bethlehem

On Saturday the 12th of June, the Basma Society organized a birthday party, where Fadi and Maher gave a music workshop for the children and their mothers.
Basma Society provides moral and financial support and guidance to all age groups of cancer patients and their families. They organize recreational activities in which the children and their families get a chance to smile (Basma in Arabic means "smile").
For more information about the beautiful work of this organization, please write to the following address:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

workshop for children in Beit Sahour

On Monday the 31st of May Fadi gave a music workshop to children that graduated that day from the kindergarten:

Workshop with children from the Basma foundation

Maher and Fadi gave a music workshop with the organization Basma. Fadi wrote the following text about this day:

"We love children and we love to work with them. That's why we did a workshop with children in Bethlehem that have cancer. The workshop was very successful and we managed to break the border between the children and us, the workshop leaders. we asked the children what kind of activities they liked and we played these games together. I hope the children felt the same as we did, because for us it was a very special and beautiful experience."

فادي و ماهرمن مخيم عايدة عملوا مع مؤسسة بسمة

فادي كتب عن هاذا اليوم:

"نحن نحب الأطفال كثيرا و نحب العمل معهم. لقد قمنا بعقدنا ورشة عمل مع اطفال مرضى السرطان في مدينة بيت لحم, كان تقييم الورشة ناجا جدا من قبل المشاركين , فقد استطعنا أن نكسر الجليد وبددنا الحاجز بيننا وبين الاطفال المشاركين. عبَّروا لنا عن العابهم المفضَّلة ولعبناها معهم كما شاركونا في جميع التمارين والألعاب الهادفة بحماس وشوق.

كان شعورا جميلا فاق العادي, أتمنى أن يحظى الجميع بمثلة."